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Every year during crab season, which around here is November to June, we drive down to Half Moon Bay to buy some crabs right off the fisherman’s boat. This year we spent crab day with two couples, Orion and Rebecca, and Mike and Meg.

O+R drove down with Steve and I, M+M met up with us later. We ended up buying 20 crabs, and got 3 or 4 box crabs for free. Those things are crazy looking, they fold up into a tight little ball that looks like a rock, with two perfect holes – not sure what those are for. Neat little critters, and they tasted delicious, a fluffier more delicate meat.

As soon as we got back to our place, Steve started cooking all of the crabs. He did about 4 at a time. When M+M arrived they went to the grocery store with Orion to get ingredients. Rebecca and I started shelling some of the crabs. I believe we de-shelled 8 or 10 crabs, the rest are frozen for later. We had a really big bowl full of crab meat, it was difficult not to stick my face in it.

I’m usually clean up crew, so aside from de-shelling, I mostly drank and chatted with everyone. They made two types of crab cakes, some pasta thingies (even made the pasta) and more.

And now for the Lost part, usually we would watch the TV show, Lost, but it hadn’t aired yet. So instead we watched a mini series called The Lost Room. It was a fun show, at the end I found myself wanting more – both crab and lost.

Here is Orion’s post about crabs.

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