Lovely Lane Splitting

Traffic has been horrendous on the way to work for the past three days. I think it might have a little to do with school starting up again. Each day going to and from work I would sit, inching forward waiting for my turn to get through the light in order to sit, waiting again at the next one.

Well today my friends, I rode my motorcycle. And let me tell you – it felt GREAT. I got to work in 35 glorious minutes by splitting the lanes about 75% of the time. Why didn’t I ride those other days? Two reasons, it was too cold (yes, I’m a wuss) and I was going out for ice skating and drinks last night (hence, riding was a bad idea). On the way in today I was thinking that the cold excuse isn’t very good. The amount of stress and aggravation it saved me is well worth the cold nose. I should ride every day!

On another note, I just added a new spot illustration to my portfolio – Music Lover. It’s intended for an article about music downloads or music in general.

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