My New Life in San Francisco

Joe and I arrived safely last Wednesday. We ended up flying out instead of driving. He definitely didn’t like
being in a cage (my spoiled dog isn’t used to it), but he survived. I
think he is mostly wondering when we’re going home.

I had a few days to kill last week, so I drove around with Joe and
explored my new neighborhood. Got the keys to my new apartment,
although my stuff won’t be arriving until the 13th. My car still
hasn’t been picked up, which is REALLY ticking me off. I have to
drive a crappy rental car around, makes me appreciate my car more than
you can imagine 🙂

There is a hill right next to my apartment and when you climb to the
top there is a wonderful view of the bay and all the surrounding
hills, so gorgeous. It’ll be a great spot for picnicking. I’ll take
pictures later when I get my things.

I also drove around San Francisco, just went which ever way the car
took me. Went down Lombard street (the “crookedest road in the
world”), which was very neat I must say. Some of those hills are
sooooooooo steep. It certainly is a very different place. And
everything is so beautiful.

Over the weekend I went to Golden Gate park. Walked around,
took in all of it’s beauty. It’s a huge park, you could easily kill a
whole day there. And as I drove out I ran into the buffalo paddock
– yes, real buffalo in the middle of the park in the middle of the
city. Crazy! One of them was rolling around in the dirt, very cute.

I also saw Sin City, which I have to say is a GREAT movie. All
around good. I enjoyed everything about it – plot, direction, acting,
all of it!

Started the new job Monday, which was a pretty boring day. Had
orientation, then all the usual set up problems (computer logins and
what not). So it wasn’t a productive day. The rest of the week has been much better.
I worked on t-shirt designs and a magazine ad. It feels good to be a part of something
so big. I’ve never worked for such a big company before (900 people).
The founder of the company has made great changes in the lending
industry and is very passionate about customer privacy. I’m so
excited to be a part of it all!

Oh yeah, enjoying this weather
tremendously. I’m glad I got to escape at least one Ohio snow storm, even
though the snow didn’t last for very long. Ha ha :-p

Ok, later cats!

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