My Pet Monster

Remember this guy? Ah, that takes me back. A little warped though that he came in chains. I mean, I understand that he’s a monster and can wreak havoc at any time, but shouldn’t he have had something more dignified than shackles?

And hmm, doesn’t the Monsters Inc dude vaguely remind you of him? Coincidence or conspiracy?

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3 Responses to My Pet Monster

  1. Chris says:

    HA! I used to have that same monster when I was a kid back in the ealry 90s, or late 80s. I miss mine, lol


  2. i hate my pet monster it sucks its corney you need to grow up and forget that idiot show who with any brains what so ever would watch that garbage
    i mean c’mon a show about a monster dumber than a braindead dung beetle
    breaking a chain made of tin foil
    whoop de do you need to watch aqua teen hunger force and eat ten bags of chicken
    a day and for goodness sakes throw out all that my pet monster trash and GROW UP WOOLA WOOLA WOOLA SUGGA SUGGA SUGGA

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