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I went to Borders tonight to look at magazines and catch up on the current design trends and while looking I found two very interesting things.

Forbes had an article about Castles for Sale. You can have your own custom castle built, starting at $200k. Can you believe that? You’re very own castle, that’s nuts!

Communication Arts,
a magazine for designers, featured some clever ad campaigns. One of them was
a three-page magazine ad for the Mini Cooper. The first page (on the right) was a view
of the Mini from the top, on a snow covered road. When you turn the page, it’s
stuck with that boogery, rubber cement. After pulling it apart you see that
the left page is the underneath of the Mini. On the right page you see the snow
covered road with interrupted tire tracks and it reads, “The Mini even sticks
in the snow.” Now that’s some clever advertising.

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