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We are approaching the fall season and, of course, Joe encounters a skunk. It happened last night right before bed. I was brushing my teeth when I heard him make his alert, what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-in-my-yard, bark. And I just knew it. I ran to the door and he was already trying to rub it off in the grass. I saw the little bastard skunk too, zig-zagging through the garden on his way to the back and under the shed.

I’m an adamant animal lover, but last night I wanted to strangle that skunk. We put Joe in the garage for the night, as usual, and dealt with his peroxide/baking soda bath this morning. I don’t think the skunk got him too badly, or I bathed him well, because he doesn’t smell too much right now. But you can still tell when you get close to him.

So this makes it: Oct 2004, Sep 2005, Oct 2006 and now August 2007. I sure hope I’m not linking to this post next year. I probably won’t since we’re moving in the next month or so and he won’t be wandering free in the yard. *sigh*

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