Not-So-Dreaded Company Meetings

I’ve been at Alexa for about a month and a half now and one of my favorite things is the short list of meetings I have to attend weekly. There’s one big company meeting every Monday, and another smaller meeting I go to on Wednesdays.

And get this – I actually look forward to the company meetings. This is a first. I like them because they are not dull and boring full of meaningless talk. One person, usually the manager, from each group presents what they worked on the previous week and what they plan to work on the coming week, only giving the most interesting, pertinent information. Quite enjoyable.

Sometimes I’ll have other small meetings, but you only meet when you really have the need. Wow what a concept. Compare this to one of my typical days at E-LOAN. See why I’m so much happier? 😉

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