Not-so-Mysterious Smell

We’re about to only have two women at the office out of roughly 30 people (the third just gave her notice, and I will miss her 🙁 ). Ok, so maybe it will be two and a half, the half being a part time office assistant type.

This means that if I poo in the bathroom, half the time there’s no question who did it. When the other woman walks in there and smells that horrible, foul stench, she’s going to think, “OMG, what did Nicole do in here??”

She’s not going to wonder which other woman ate some road kill. She’s not going to guess who squeezed out butt juice and turds, she’s just going to KNOW. How am I ever going to deal with this? I can’t not poop! I can’t wait until I get home. When there’s an emergency, you have to go! Maybe I can just claim I saw one of the guys leaving as I walked in. (They do go in there for showers sometimes, because there isn’t a shower in the men’s room).

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  1. ryan says:

    …or you could just lay off the mexican and spicy chinese foods during lunch.

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