Number One???

Today the marketing department took a little field trip to ride go karts and do some wine tasting. The go karts were a blast. They went up to 40 mph and we had to wear flame retardant suits and helmets.

First we did some practice laps. I came in third for fastest lap time. Then, based on our practice times, we were split into four teams of 6 people. We had 8 races, so we each got to race twice. Then we did semi finals, and finals. I won every race, had best lap time and the most points! There were 22 people, half of them men � and I beat them all! OH, what a blast! The women were so proud of me, the men too for that matter. But I�m sure it just ate some of them up!

I would attribute some of my skill to the fact that I love to drive and have learned a bit about it, but also to the motorcycle and the course I recently took. Taught me a lot about how to handle the bike in small places, which also apply to a kart on a small track J I just can�t express how much fun that was today!

That’s me in #14 in the red.

The top four racers… there were two in second place, Mandeep and Ken, while Brett (the one who organized the event) came in third. What a fun day!

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