Pea Soup Anyone?

Last week my manager and I went on a press check in Modesto, which is about 1 hour east of where we work. I drove and he was the navigator, all the while making jokes about getting stuck on some strange back road and that that’s how all horror stories start.

The press check was quick and went fairly smooth, no hiccups. We happily left the printers, thinking we’d be back at work in no time.

About 24 minutes out it suddenly felt like we’d been on that patch of highway for a bit too long, so I asked my navigator how long we should have been on it. “About 15 miles,” he said. Doing the math I quickly realized that our exit was not coming up and I suggested we take out the big map. He wanted to go a little farther to find out first.

Soon after we realized that we went south instead of north. So we took a risk and cut across to the west on a road that looked like it would get us closer to home (all we had was a small, unlabeled Google map). More scary side roads with the possibility of running into the strange curio cabinet shop where we would surely be murdered.

Finally, something he recognizes, Anderson’s Pea Soup. “Oh I’ve always wanted to eat there,” he says. So we stop for lunch. What a funny little place. The inside was filled with useless knick-knacks and the restaurant theme was Danish.

From the ceiling hung a couple of flags with the characters, Hap-Pea and Pea-Wee (you can see them on the Andersons’ web site), splitting a pea for soup – oh did that crack me up. I made a comment about our waitress’ hairy face, and my manager warned me not to make such comments or our horror story might end there.

With our bellies full we headed back to work, the right way this time. And after many more miles finally got there. Luckily our story only ended up a mild horror story, though filled with 100 wasted miles and a pit stop at one very funny pea shop.

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