Room with a Balcony

A week or two ago I made all the arrangements for our honeymoon in Thailand. While I was booking hotels I tried to contact one of them via fax and it was returned. So then I tried to call them, and got no answer.

The next day I called again and yay, a woman answered! I told her I wanted to make a reservation, I wanted a room with a balcony. She told me to hold on and got someone that spoke a little more English, but not much more. The conversation went something like this…

Me: I would like to make a reservation. I want a river-side room with a balcony.
Woman: blah blah blah, mumble mumble balcony.

Me: Yeah, I want a room with a balcony. Facing the river.
Woman: blah mumble, blah blah balcony.

Me: Uh yeah, I want to reserve a room with a balcony.
Woman: blah mumble blah, chicken and balcony.

Inner thought: Did she say chicken?
Me: Is this a hotel?
Woman: This restaurant.

Oh my gosh! I was ordering chicken and broccoli across the ocean! I promptly told her there was a mistake and got off the phone.

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2 Responses to Room with a Balcony

  1. SAM says:

    did you asked whether they deliver.

  2. Nicole says:

    No, unfortunately that hadn’t occurred to me 🙂

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