Saturday – Off to Paris

We got up early and headed to the train station for a long ride to Paris. I was excited that I’d actually be awake this time, able to see the various landscapes of France. But I was quite wrong. The moment that train started moving I was snoozing. The ride was about 5.5 hours and I slept for 3.5 of them. The last two we played a game called Hive and I got motion sick from concentrating on it. The train couldn’t of stopped any sooner after that.

Getting to the apartment was fairly easy, a quick cheap cab ride. The owners, Claudie and Claude were waiting inside. They gave us a quick tour of the place, then Steve and I needed to go get the remaining balance for the apartment (remember, the bank was closed). Claude went with us while his wife stayed to chat with Rebecca and Orion.

We were very fortunate to have Claude as a guide, because it would have taken forever to figure out the Metro and find the Travelex on our own. On the way he gave us a bunch of tips on where to go and what to see. The Travelex was right outside the Louvre, so he walked us in front of it and showed us the long view from the center of its yard – you could see the Arch de Triumph and many things between and beyond. The corridor was obviously designed that way for a reason.

When we got back and everything was squared away Steve and Orion got their computer fixes – I’m not sure how they survived a week without the internet. Hours later we went out to dinner. The apartment is located on the Place de la Bastille, which seems to be the center of Paris and was very busy. So finding a restaurant was a piece of cake. The food was, once again, excellent. After that we walked around a little then headed back to the apartment.

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