Setting the Bone

Today one of my co-workers, Prathibha, gave me a ride to work because I just couldn’t drive with the broken toe. About half way through the day I decided that I should go to the doctor, so I made an appointment for 4:00. Luckily Prathibha was kind enough to take me there.

Ok, actually, my mom convinced me to go to the doctor because she called the nurse hotline and explained how my toe was sticking out to the side when it broke and they said it might need to be set. So she had me a little freaked out about it. Then Steve told me that the setting hurts like hell, so I was also freaked out about that.

I was so nervous when I got there. The doctor was really nice and friendly. He took an x-ray of my foot then took a look at it. The bone was not lined up right and he wanted to set it, just as I had feared. While he gave me the local anesthetic I made conversation and he said that was an interesting way to cope with the pain. I made light of the situation and asked if it would make a “crick” sound when he set it, like in the movies. He said no.

My foot went pretty numb, but I could still kind of feel what he was doing, and the actual setting did hurt. But it was bearable. After that he wrapped it up and told me to relax tonight, keep the bandages on for one week.

I took a picture of the toe before and after he set it. And I took pictures of the x-rays before and after. Here’s the broken toe set.

Broken comparison

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