Settling in Nicely

I got all of my belongings last Monday and was unpacked by Wed. I was going to take it slow, but i was in the mood and it just went really quickly. Which is good I suppose 🙂 On a bad note, I STILL don’t have my car. The carrier I hired (Town and Country, don’t EVER use them) has not picked it up yet and they keep giving me some BS excuse. I think I’m going to go with another company. Needless to say, I am very ticked off. I’m starting to get into the groove at home and at work, but the car is really distracting me – won’t feel really settled until it arrives.

I also had the internet hooked up last Wed., but there was no jack in the computer room, so they had to run it from the bedroom. Well see, Joe stays in the bedroom while I’m at work, and the very next day he had chewed through the cable. I don’t think he hurt himself, but I was pretty upset that i lost the internet again. I ended up getting wireless (needed it anyway, since work has given me an Apple PowerBook and a PC laptop is on the way – yes, I’m bragging).

I’ve decided to make a container garden on my patio. My green thumb is acting up and I’m just itching to plant some things. I bought a couple plants the other night and have a few ideas on how to fill it up. I put my papason chair out there, so now I need to enhance my view. I still need to take some pictures of my place and my views, maybe I’ll get around to it this weekend.

On the funner side of life, I went to Napa this last weekend with some friends. We had lunch and went to a couple of wineries. my new co-artist / co-worker, ryan, is a big wine buff and he has a web site for the average, everyday wine drinker – – made it much less intimidating to go wine tasting.

Apartment living is a bit of an adjustment. Every so often it sounds like there are parties going on. And I think Joe is gradually getting used to all the people coming and going. Seems like he’s barking less anyway. Twice now I have seen these huge wild turkeys walking around in the parking lot. The come up to my waist and their bodies are bigger than Joe. I also found a really cool spot within walking distance for a nice night view of the Bay area – absolutely gorgeous.

Two weekends ago i saw some people out on the bay kite surfing, or kite boarding. It looked like a lot of fun. They use these small surf boards and are harnessed to these huge parachute kites, which they steer around and can jump and do tricks. I think I’m going to try it sometime in the near future. Check it out.

Cross your fingers and hope that I’ll get my car one day…

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