Skunked… Again!!!

My dog – sweet, cute little yellow thing – has no brain in his head. I let him out in Steve’s back yard Friday night, which is nicely fenced in, and all of a sudden from inside the house I smelled skunk and knew he was in trouble. You would think that he learned some sort of lesson the first time he was sprayed. You know, like, hmm maybe I should stay away from this stinky black and white thing because that stuff burns when it hits my eyes. But no, he must have tried to sniff its butt anyway.

Then last night I was out in the back yard with him (I feel like I have to watch him more now because he doesn’t know any better) and all of a sudden the sprinklers came on – Joe barked and yelped and I screamed. I think we both thought it was a skunk because of the “spraying” sound. Steve ran outside to see what happened and I had to laughingly admit how goofy (and wimpy) both my dog and I are. Pretty damn funny in hindsight.

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