The other morning I was taking a shower, when suddenly I smelled the strong aroma of skunk. See, in my new neighborhood I see them around all the time and have heard my neighbors talk about how their dogs had been sprayed. I knew it was just a matter of time before it happened to me and my dog. So I as I began washing my hair, and smelling that nasty smell, I knew my time had come.

I threw on my robe and brought Joe inside. I took him directly into the shower with me. I finished washing myself and then tackled him, but of course it didn’t do very much good. He stunk to high heaven and after that so did my hands. All day at work I could not touch my face, couldn’t stand it. Luckily it didn’t smell too bad, only one of my co-workers noticed it.

I searched online to see if there was some special formula for getting rid of the smell, and if Joe was in any danger from the spray. The only caution was that a skunk may have rabies and if the dog is scratched (Joe’s poor nose was all scratched up) then he may be at risk. I called the vet and Joe had his shots back in April.

The magic formula I found, “skunk out” (peroxide, baking soda and dish liquid), seemed to work a little. Either that or I’m just getting used to the smell. I was pretty annoyed by the whole incident though, and I recommend that you and/or your dog don’t get sprayed if you can avoid it.

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