Stupid Toe

Yesterday was Steve’s birthday. We were all set to go to the Fillmore Jazz Festival to celebrate and listen to some good music. Steve was finishing up a conversation with one of his family members, sitting on the bed with the dog. I decided to rush the dog and run around the bed, when BANG! I hit my pinky toe on a chair!


It hurt like hell! I crumpled over on the floor embracing my throbbing foot. I finally let go to look at it and the pinky toe was sticking out at about a 45 degree angle – and I thought, “uh oh, that’s not good!” It was so freaky, sticking out like that. I pushed it back towards the other toes and it just stuck right out again. Not good at all.

The weird part is that it was sort of funny. I told Steve I broke my toe and he immediately got off the phone to investigate. He came around the bed to the floor and agreed – it was both funny and broken. I laughed and cried a little (not so much from the pain, but because it was funny looking and just… all messed up).

Steve taped the little toe to the one next to it – and the little toe pulled it out! Then he taped those to the other toes, it was finally a little straight. There’s no point in going to the doctor or the hospital when you break a pinky toe, all they’re going to do is tape them and send you home. So that’s all we did. I took some aspirin and we celebrated Steve’s birthday by watching movies and Heroes all day while he waited on me. Not the greatest way to spend a birthday. Maybe Steve can break something for my birthday 🙁

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  1. Interested Bystander says:

    WE WANT TOE PICS !!!!!

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