Sunday – Exploring Vieux Nice

We took our time getting ready and getting out. We went in search of an internet cafe and to explore Vieux Nice (Old Nice). We walked around through the narrow alleys, amazed at how small they were and that motorcycles, scooters and cars sped through them. It really is quite a place to experience.

All the buildings, or the old ones anyway, have shutters and balconies. And the shutters are real. They work, and people use them instead of having blinds or curtains.

Most of the restaurants seemed to be Italian, which makes sense being so close to Italy. We settled on one in a remote alley, or what I thought was a remote alley. (The whole place is alleys.) The food was excellent.

Afterwards we wondered around some more – into a biscuit place and then into a wine store. All the little shops have so much character, squeezing what they can into the small space they have. The biscuit place has the best biscuit/cookies I’ve ever had. They’re the perfect texture and the fruits or chocolate inside are so delicious.

Then we went back to the apartment and chilled out for a while. We were going to head out to the beach that night, but we were too tired by the time we got back to go out again. Dinner that night was the best so far. I had a very yummy steak. The guys at this restaurant were really nice and helpful. Since Orion liked the food he asked the cook or owner (not sure which he was), Mario, for recommendations of other good places to eat and he was happy to oblige.

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