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Alcatraz / Pier 39

Take a tour boat from Fisherman’s Wharf and check out the sea lions of Pier 39 on the way over. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance though, they sell out pretty quickly. Some tours offer audio, I recommend add that on.http://www.alcatraztickets.com/tours/tourType.cfm?ttid2=83

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Golden Gate Park

At the park you will find a gorgeous flower conservatory, Japanese Tea Garden, and, surprisingly, some buffalo right in the middle! Great place for a picnic or nice long walk. The park ends on the west side at Ocean Beach. Mapperyhttp://tinyurl.com/4v9o8

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Lindsay Wildlife Museum

See live, non-releasable California wild animals closer than you can imagine. Hawks, owls, eagles and other birds of prey perch overhead. Go eye-to-eye with a fox, bobcat, opossum, coyote or other native mammals. Snakes, toads, turtles and other reptiles and amphibians are just around the corner. http://www.wildlife-museum.org/

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Monarch Butterfly Migration

A city by the sea offering seafood, candy shops, and whale watching. Monterey is about 2 hours south of San Francisco. The aquarium is great and well known in the area.http://www.seemonterey.com

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Safari West

Take a look at some wildlife and visit wine country in the same trip.http://www.safariwest.com/

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National wildlife park about a 2 to 3 hour drive from San Francisco. Head to Wawona or Mariposa Grove and see the giant sequoias (the biggest trees, wider than redwoods). You might want to stay over night, and if so, book way in advance! Mappery Auto Tourhttp://www.nps.gov/yose/

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The Drawings

Here are the drawings of the chicken (rooster), cow and pig.

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Hover Cat on a Tee

If a piece of buttered toast was tied to a cats back, and the cat fell, would it just hover? You know, because cats always land on their feet and toast always lands butter-side down. We finally have an answer – the Hover Cat on a t-shirt, screw you Threadless! Hover Cat by nhanusek Get this custom t-shirt at Zazzle

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