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If Joe and Lana were Smooshed Together

They would look something like this… I saw this guy at H&M and had to take a picture!

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Running and running and running…

Here is a video of Joe and Lana chasing each other on the beach at Fort Funston. Joe doesn’t go very far into the water, and Lana just keeps chasing after him, wherever he goes. They play so well together!

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Your Head Might Explode

Sometimes Joe does the cutest things. So cute that I think my head is going to explode. So cute I have the desire to eat his entire head, starting with that soft, delicate ear. In this photo he has placed his head on my sweater, which I anthropomorphically interpret as him missing or loving me. Isn’t it just so freaking adorable??? Post #11 (50-100-50)

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Dog Celebrity

I just took one of those goofy quizzes where you find out what celebrity your dog would be. As it turns out Joe would be George Clooney. Why do they always make these things so damn ugly? Post #7 (50-100-50)

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Joe’s Energy

I posted my first video to Filckr, yay! Sometimes when Joe has too much energy he’ll dart around upstairs in the loft. Sometimes he runs downstairs and then back up again. I can’t help but laugh, he looks so happy and excited. Post #6 (50-100-50)

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Gentle Hyena?

Joe is a very gentle dog. So gentle that from time to time Steve or I will feed Joe a carrot or french fry from our mouths, just to demonstrate to people how gentle he is (as shown here). Over in Ethiopia they take this to a whole new level. One family there feeds HYENAS food from their mouths. How crazy is that? Super crazy, that’s how. Post #3 out of 50 (50-100-50)

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Back to the Beach

We went to the dog beach again yesterday. Leigh and Sammy (Joe’s girlfriend) joined us. Joe didn’t run around as much as he did last time, but I think we all still had fun. Steve buried Sammy in the sand – she just sat there and let him do it like a good little doggy. Here’s the entire photo set.

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