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If Joe and Lana were Smooshed Together

They would look something like this… I saw this guy at H&M and had to take a picture!

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Room with a Balcony

A week or two ago I made all the arrangements for our honeymoon in Thailand. While I was booking hotels I tried to contact one of them via fax and it was returned. So then I tried to call them, and got no answer. The next day I called again and yay, a woman answered! I told her I wanted to make a reservation, I wanted a room with a balcony. She told me to hold on and got someone that spoke a little more English, but not much more. The conversation went something like this… Me: I would like … Continue reading

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Not-so-Mysterious Smell

We’re about to only have two women at the office out of roughly 30 people (the third just gave her notice, and I will miss her 🙁 ). Ok, so maybe it will be two and a half, the half being a part time office assistant type. This means that if I poo in the bathroom, half the time there’s no question who did it. When the other woman walks in there and smells that horrible, foul stench, she’s going to think, “OMG, what did Nicole do in here??” She’s not going to wonder which other woman ate some road … Continue reading

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Hover Cat on a Tee

If a piece of buttered toast was tied to a cats back, and the cat fell, would it just hover? You know, because cats always land on their feet and toast always lands butter-side down. We finally have an answer – the Hover Cat on a t-shirt, screw you Threadless! Hover Cat by nhanusek Get this custom t-shirt at Zazzle

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