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Damn Murphy’s Law

So, naturally, because I wrote about having a lane all to myself, when I got there this morning every lane had two people in it. Some even had three. Go figure. I managed to suck it up and swim with two others. After about two or three go arounds we were spread out evenly and it wasn’t so bad. Eventually the guy left and it was just me and a woman. And actually, I prefer swimming with women because it makes me feel faster. :p Post #12 (50-100-50)

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Swimming Patterns

I’ve been swimming at the YMCA in the Presidio since about November. I try to swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though I don’t make it if I’m sick or have to run an errand in the morning. I’ve been pretty consistent for the most part though. Around January and February the pool got packed for obvious reasons. People made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and were coming to the pool to do so. This annoyed me greatly, because although the pool is big I hate sharing lanes. Splitting it two ways is fine, but when you have to circle … Continue reading

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