The Annual Skunking

Sandy Nose

Last night Joe received his 3rd annual skunking. Yes, it appears to be annual. The first time was October 1st, 2004, the second time was September 13, 2005, and now October 16th, 2006. What the heck is going on here??? Why does he feel the need to find a skunk and get sprayed every fall? Or why do these miscellaneous skunks need to find him and spray? I don’t get it. And it makes me extremely angry. I really enjoy stuffing my face into his soft neck fur, and now I can’t. It takes at least a month or two for that smell to completely go away. So angry!!!

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  1. joewo says:

    So your dog got skunked for s third time? Mine was skunked in Glen Park once…just once thankfully! I used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and Dawn dishwashing liquid to de-skunk my pup. The ugly incident happened at dusk and my dog ran to the top of the canyon about 80 verticsal feet away up a steep slope. I heard some dog bark far off and after a few seconds resalized it was my kid barking!!!! I called and called and then I could barely see that she was barking at a black and white thing. Once she got skunked right in the mouth and face she ran back to me for help. She smelled like burnt tires for a month even after countless washes. I think she is scared of that skunk smell. What a goof!!! Joe in San Mateo

  2. Doug says:

    is that a tan I see on my friend, Joe-Joe-Bonnes? Look around the eyes! He looks so calm and relaxed. Maybe he is looking for his former baby-sitter from Cleveland. I certainly remember his first skunk – whew! And the look of disgust and remorse (at the same time)!

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