The Beach

Saturday night I saw my dad’s band at Sam and Dave’s. They were awesome. They really sound great. The whole family came, which was ok with Dave (Texas law states that it’s ok for a minor if the parent is there and the bar allows it). Then Sam, the owner, came and kicked out all the minors. That really sucked. Afterwards we met up with the minors at dad’s house and all hung out.

It’s so neat – family overload. Weird, different, neat – all sorts of feelings.

Sunday we are at the cabin my dad rented on the beach. A storm has been on the prowl all weekend – we decided to go anyway, which is good because now it’s sunny. But still very windy. The waves are awesome. I could sit and listen to them all day. My dad and I took a walk on the beach. On the way here I was thinking about how nice it is that he rented a cabin for ALL of us. It’s like those big family outings that I missed as a child and was always jealous of when my friends told me about them. So nice and sweet. Yesterday I found myself strangely jealous of my two brothers picking on my sister. Not that I really want empty water bottles thrown at me. Just that camaraderie I guess. Once again, it will come soon enough I hope. (then I won’t want it right?)

New entry ~
The rest of Sunday was fabulous. We swam in the ocean, jumping and riding the waves. Ate shrimp kabobs for dinner – yum. We played some drinking games, and then played Taboo. We had a blast. Then we went looking for crabs on the beach with flashlights. We found a few – Ricky tried to hit them with a stick 🙁 Then dad, Keith and I sat on the neighbors swing and talked. It was very nice. Before I came down to Houston my dad said I would want to live here. And he’s right – but not for the climate – for the family. It makes me very sad that I have to go home on Friday. Later on we headed upstairs to the top balcony. Danielle came out with us and the four of us had some fun conversation.

Monday we took some family photos – that was fun. Ricky and Katie had to leave. The rest of us went swimming again. We buried Brittany in the sand. Tried to get a hermit crab to move into a new shell. Surfed the waves. And just chilled. My dad said that Keith and I have the most in common. And I feel a good connection with him. It is still getting less and less awkward for us all. And I have about 30 mosquito bites on my legs.

Monday night we played cards, dominos and what I’ll call the topic game – where someone picks a topic, like what was your first pet, and everyone goes around and answers. It’s a great get to know ya game.

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