The First Thanksgiving

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

My first “new” family holiday. My half brother, Keith, and half sister, Danielle, came to stay with me for Thanksgiving weekend. They flew in Thanksgiving day.

I picked them up from the airport around 3:00 while my ex-husband busily cooked dinner on one leg (he injured the other playing soccer). Our grandma and grandpa also joined us for dinner that day.

Grandma and grandpa hadn’t seen Keith and Danielle in quite some time, so it was a nice litte reunion for us all. My brother and sister are very quiet just like me, so the conversation at dinner time consisted of smiling and looking around the room mostly. My ex-husband and his friend John filled the air with talk of work.


On Friday Keith, Danielle, and myself mostly just hung out. We drove around, went to Borders for coffee and discovered how quiet we can really be.


We spent most of Saturday at our aunt Tammy’s house. We celebrated the November birthdays – Danielle, our cousin Mickey and myself. We played pool and some other games and had a pretty good time.

By the end of the day we were a bit more talkative, getting used to each other and a little more “warmed” up.


On Sunday we decided to go to the Nightmare Before Xmas concert, put on by Xtreme radio. We saw Korn, Offspring, Adema, Ill Nino and Crystal Method. I think Offspring was the only band that played well in a live environment, the rest of them didn’t seem to be quite so together. But we all enjoyed it.


Then Monday Keith and Danielle left for home. I can’t wait to go down for Christmas and see them again, along with the rest of the gang!

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