The Karaoke Contest

Aunt Di and I went to the karaoke competition last night, the one that we qualified for last week. I had never seen, nor been in, any karaoke competition before. The way Gil had it set up, was that you had to enter a song specifically for the contest, and the talent would be judged based on that one song. The judges were some anonymous bar regulars, which in most cases means that other bar regulars are going to win. All the contest songs were side by side because Gil recorded the contest. I could have gotten a copy, but there were some really bad songs in there, and I didn’t want to waste the $2.

Gil’s prizes consisted of a Champion prize trophy, plus $100 and two runners up trophies; which he decided to make two first place prizes, because who wants to hang a second place plaque on their wall? Aside from that, everyone else who participated also got a little gift.

There were 14 people in the contest altogether. I entered “Crazy” by Patsy Cline and Aunt Di submitted “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” by Nancy Sinatra. We both sang our songs pretty well and both left empty handed -well, except for the cheesy little gifts we got for singing. Mine was a peppermint candle and Di’s was a cinnamon candle. As predicted, 3 of the bar regulars took the top three prizes.

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