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12.08.00Tea” – Well, so much for updating this everyday huh? I just didn’t think it’d be worth it for the two people that actually check the site. Anyway, my latest realization is that tea is the best drink ever. The reason that it is the best is quite simple, you can drink it hot or cold, or in between at room temperature and it tastes good.


I agree, tea is a very delightful drink, it can be hot anytime of
the year and cold any time of the year. You can drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, or evening, you can drink it on the go or in jammies, or in a suit or dress, it can be relaxed, it can be formal, it is multi-cultural, it is healing, it is aromatic, it is comforting, it can be had as a powder, in a bag or loose, with honey sugar, cream or black And no matter how you have it, it always hits the spot!

11.16.00How Time Flies” – Isn’t it funny how time flies. Lately it has been brought to my attention more and more, especially now that I am done with school and working full time. I can see how easy it would be to just work go home, do nothing but eat, veg and sleep, and continue with the same thing everyday. I don’t want to look back 10 years from now and say: “What have I done? What have I accomplished? – Nothing.” That is not going to be me. I have to start something or I’m going to be miserable. I suggest you do the same- no excuses.

11.13.00Movies Then and Now” – Two weeks ago I was watching a late night movie. It had been made in the sixties and it was a scary movie, for the time period anyway. What I noticed while watching this movie, is that things move so much faster now then they did back then. For example, in this film the main character crashed in his car with his girlfriend. The director showed him getting up, stumbling up hill, grabbing her head out of the car and then stumbling to his castle up a hill through some trees. He showed what seemed like every single step the guy took. In a film today the process would have taken all of 30 seconds. Crash, show guy laying there, show him grab the head, show him walk up to door of castle. We are used to this time cutting, we know that he had to walk from A to B, and we can safely assume that he did so. But in 1960 a viewer might have questioned- well how did he get to the castle from the car? The movie wasted so much time on useless actions that it barely developed an interesting story. But this comparison fits in with the way life has changed in general, we all lead fast paced lives and are too impatient to wait for anything anymore.


11.13.00 It is slightly ironic that you should mention these “step-by-step” scenes are a waste of time, then mention about modern society’s lack of patience.

The week leading up to Halloween one of the classic movie cable stations was doing a marathon of classic horror films, like Frankenstein, or Them! Even though they did show the “step-by-step” scenes, the movies still only timed out at approximately One hour and 15 minutes, an average 45 minutes less than today’s average movie.

You would think this trend would be reversed.

11.10.00Losing Inspiration” – Do you ever just lose your inspiration? End up feeling like you don’t want to do anything? Just sit there and do absolutley nothing? I feel like that right now. I don’t want to write anything for this, but I said that I would update it. So here I am writing jiberish. Oh by the way, weekends don’t count. I usually don’t go online when I’m not at work. You know, I feel as though I am only writing this for myself- I only update the site for myself. No one ever comes to this site or reads any of my goofy stuff. If so, then I don’t get any feed back (other than a few family members). This sucks. I want to go home now.

11.9.00Ridiculous Ballots” – I think it’s ridiculous that it has taken two days to figure out who the president is, all because Bush’s campaigners had to whine about the Florida count. If that’s the case, why don’t we recount all the states? Maybe someone else goofed up too? That’s just ridiculous. Especially when they keep switching who is in the lead. It is obviously a media ploy to toy with the general public in order to cover the scam that is taking place. Long live Gore!!

11.8.00 Artist’s in Media” – How often does an artist make it into the media? In my opinion it is very rare, which is why I was amazed to here local-artist-gone-big, Derek Hess, on the radio this morning. (He mostly does music related art- posters, cd covers, the cover of Scene magazine and a lot more). He has a gallery opening this Saturday at Gallery 9 and I’m going to make an honest effort to go and support him, because I think artists are completely overlooked and unappreciated in our everyday life. And I dare you to prove me wrong!

11.7.00How are ya?” – You know what I hate? Is when someone asks me “how are ya?” Ninety percent of the time he or she doesn’t really want to know how I’m doing. It’s just a space filler for that brief, sometimes awkward, encounter. I usually say “pretty good,” an answer that requires no explanation or detail. And I know he or she isn’t concerned with my well-being, because half the time when I ask in return “how are you?” the person doesn’t even respond. What if I said “I’m depressed on the brink of suicide, lost my job, my significant other and gained 30 lbs. since last friday.” What kind of reply would I get? See, it’s just one of those unnecessary “common courtesy” things that people say. It’s so common that no one pays attention to it or takes it seriously. If you are really concerned with a person’s well being ask them “how is your day going?” or “you look happy/sad, are you having a bad/good day?” I feel that if you put a twist on the regular old saying, the person you are conversing with will realize that you actually want to know how he or she feels. But if you don’t want to know- don’t ask!

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