Thursday – Day Trip to Genoa, err The Beach Again

When we got to the train station to return the car and get our tickets to Genoa we had just missed the train. But we were fine with that because the trip is 3 hours one way. It would have eaten up too much time to go there for a day and come back.

So instead we decided to go to the beach again. But first we stopped for some seafood. Orion, Rebecca and Steve got two platters full of mixed creatures – prawns, mussels, clams, oysters, sea shells and more. I tried a couple items – they were pretty good and salty. I had a salad that was full of crab and other yummy sea foods.

The day was a little bit warmer, but the water was still freezing. We hung out and relaxed for a while. I didn’t want to sit in the sun, but I needed to put at least some of myself in it because the air was just too cold in the shade. I ended up with a bit of a sunburn on my stomach, but not so bad that it’s painful.

Later that night we had yet another yummy dinner at a place that was recommended by Mario. The food was excellent and the waiter was super nice and funny. After that we wondered over to the wine bar he recommended and had a few glasses. The interior of the bar was very impressive and the owner was very friendly, or in Mario’s words, “crazy”.

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