Toe Update

Wrapped in Red So this is how my toe spent the last week or so, in a red bandage and flip-flops. It’s doing a lot better for the most part. Yesterday I managed to put a real shoe on and it was only slightly sore when I bent my foot a little.

This morning I got over-confident and when I put the same shoe on, I hit it the wrong way and it really hurt. Throughout the day it continued to hurt every so often.

*Sigh* This really sucks! I especially miss riding my NEW motorcycle, not even out of break-in yet. Damnit!!!

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2 Responses to Toe Update

  1. Paul says:

    Damn. How fricken cool is it to have a blog post called “Toe Update”.

  2. Nicole says:

    Pretty damn cool, I must say. Jealous much?

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