Yesterday I got a phone call about my car, it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow or Saturday. You have NO IDEA how happy that makes me. I am sooooooo sick of driving this crappy, powerless Kia around. AND wasting so much money on renting it. My anger towards this topic is immeasurable.

Meanwhile, I got a little spontaneous and bought a motorcycle – a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I used a PowerCheck from my employer, E-LOAN. And it really was a simple, easy process. As an employee I get a half point discount.

At the store (Redwood City Honda) it was pretty funny, because the lowest amount you can get on a PowerCheck is $5,000 for a motorcycle, and the bike was only about $3,000. I bought all of the accessories with the balance. Well, they gave me a 15% discount on the merchandise since I also bought a bike, so for the first time ever I was complaining about getting a deal because I was trying to reach a certain price point! We were laughing as we added items to the list.

Now, before you go freaking out on me, let me mention that I plan on being a very safe, conscientious rider. I’m going to take a riding course with Motorcycle Safety Foundation , I got a helmet, jacket with armor, boots, pants with armor, and light noticeable colors. I don’t plan on approaching this like a mindless idiot. And it makes a lot of sense to have a motorcycle around here, because you can ride it all year round, it gets better gas mileage, you can split the lanes when there’s traffic, and let’s not forget, they’re fun to ride on these twisty roads.

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