Trip to Niagara Falls

I finally began uploading some photos to my Flickr account. I decided to start with some well over due photos of my trip to Niagara Falls back in February with my dad, his girlfriend, Felicia, and my half brother Ricky.

The three of them flew up to Ohio from Texas and stayed with me (I was in Shaker Hts at the time). Dad rented a car and we drove up to Niagara. There was A LOT of snow on the ground, everything was frozen over. Especially around the falls. A layer of ice formed on top because of the mist. We started skating on this one patch of ice/snow. We�d start on top of this gradual hill and slide down on our feet. A bunch of people began to follow. Later on when we were in the tower, we could still see people skating. It was a blast!

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