Tuesday – Grande Canyon du Verdon

In the morning I had trouble figuring out what day it was. At first I thought Wednesday but was glad to discover that it was only Tuesday. I think the loss of a day really messed me up.

Once we were all ready we went to pick up the rental car, which we’ll have for two days. Then we drove about 4 hours northwest to see France’s version of the Grand Canyon. Orion drove and I was navigator.

First I will note that the roads here are not marked very well. After we figured out how to get out of downtown Nice I quickly learned that the easiest thing to do is look for the next town on our route. There are always signs directing you to the town, whether the name of the road matches or not. And it worked like a charm.

On the way we passed through many small towns and villages that made me wonder just how old they were. And the countryside became more and more mountainous, often with small villages tucked into the sides. Southern France is extremely gorgeous.

About half way there we came upon an awesome river with a bed the color of bright turquoise. We later discovered this very same river carved the canyon we were looking for. From then on there were many high mountains and ravines surrounding us. We stopped at La Point Sublime, with its truly sublime view point. Then carried on a bit further to some other looking points. Each one more spectacular than the last. We all agreed that the car rental and drive were worth it (not sure about Rebecca though, she gets car sick and most of the roads were twisty and turny).

On the way back we stopped at Trigance, a small medieval village on a hill. It was so neat to walk through and try to picture it back in the day. We were amazed to find that people still live there. It had restaurants and a few small stores. At the top of it all was a big castle that served as a hotel and restaurant, but you couldn’t visit it.

Then we headed back to Nice, had some mediocre Italian food near the apartment and I crashed big time.

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