Twice a Witness

Yesterday I saw another accident, the second one I’ve ever seen (the first was in 2005). It happened right in front me. Had I not been paying attention I surely would have been a part of it.

I was on my way home and sitting at a stop light, the middle lane of three. There was a car (car #1) going through the intersection very slowly when the light changed. I think he was going slow because maybe he wanted to turn, but wasn’t sure. He realized the light must have changed because the car to my left and I started inching forward. So car #1 finally decided to go straight and darted forward.

Meanwhile, in the empty lane to my right, car #2 was coming through the green light. BAM! Car #1, darting forward, was hit in the passenger door by car #2, driving through a green light. The collision caused car #1 to also crash into the traffic light pole (in the center of the road), causing the traffic light itself to crash to the ground (I’ve heard those can cost between $40,000 and $75,000). I drew a diagram to help my explanation (below).

I immediately went through the intersection and pulled over, so did the car to the left of me. I grabbed two of my business cards and got out to make sure everyone was OK. There were a lot of people around, pedestrians and motorists alike. Several people got on their cells to call the cops.

Car #1 had a couple in it, the woman was in the passenger seat and she looked pretty dazed and confused, sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. Her husband didn’t look too good either. When I asked if he was driving, he just mumbled a little. Car #2 had a father and son. The father, all shook up, kept saying, “it was green right?” His poor son had a bloody nose.

Knowing how long the cops take to come around and deal with these things, I decided to give both drivers my business card and leave. Later that night a police officer called me to get the story from my perspective. I told it to him the same way I told you and he seemed to really appreciate the information. Hopefully I was able to clear a few things up for him.

car accident diagram

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