Victorian House Walking Tour

Steve’s mom came for a visit last week, so her and I went on the Victorian Walk through San Francisco. The tour starts in Union Square and you take a bus ride over to Lower Pacific Heights. From there you walk to Pacific Heights and on the way you see about 200 houses.

Our guide was Shawna, an extremely nice and well-informed woman. We learned quite a bit of history about SF. For example, San Francisco was always urban. In the 1800’s there was a small settlement of about 400-600 people. Then the gold rush hit and within a year the population increased to over 10,000! Always urban, always international.

I’m well acquainted with the different types of Victorians now too. In order below are an Italianate, Stick and Queen Anne.
Victorian House Walking Tour Victorian House Walking Tour Victorian House Walking Tour

Here’s the entire photo set.

The tour was fun and we had such a gorgeous day for it! I highly recommend it 🙂

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