Warm, in San Francisco?

Steve, Me, Jordy Dirty dog
Saturday, well actually the last three days, were extremely and uncharacteristically warm here in San Francisco. We were going to ride the motorcycles with our friend, Jordy, but Steve’s bike wouldn’t start. After failing to get the bike running (I won’t go into details here), we decided that a trip to the park or beach would suffice.

I half expected it to still be a little chilly at the ocean, but it wasn’t. The day was truly a warm one. We went to Fort Funston, a beach that allows dogs. The parking lot was full and we had a long walk to the beach itself, which was probably about 100 feet down a sandy cliff.

As soon as we reached the bottom Joe took off running after all the dogs. It was like dog heaven, there were so many running around, splashing in the water, chasing each other. And Joe was running! Yes, actually running (this is also extremely rare)!

We settled down and hung out for a while. Surprisingly Joe just did whatever we did. If we were up and moving, he was running, if we sat on the blanket, he was laying next to it. After a while he made friends with a chocolate lab that kept him chasing after her. Joe is sitting in most of the pictures because I failed to take the camera out soon enough. But you can see how dirty he got while having tons of fun. (Here’s the photoset)

When we were all done we had to hike back up that cliff, which was not easy. You can kind of see it in the background of this picture (I added a note). Joe was so tired from it all that when he reached the top he laid down to rest for a while, but we kept moving. He went about 10 more feet then laid down again. He was so pooped! What a fun day 🙂

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