Wednesday – Shopping

Another day to take it easy; we spent the afternoon shopping. Steve was only interested in dress shirts. After walking around for a while we went into a nook with stores and what did we stumble on? A store filled just with dress shirts! The guy in the shop was very friendly and didn’t speak much English. So our entire transaction was made up of hand gestures, a few French words and a few English words. He guessed Steve’s size pretty accurately and we left with four awesome shirts and two ties.

Then it was my turn. Just as in Nice, I had trouble finding things in my size. And on top of that, in my price range. All the really cool unique stuff is way too expensive. The cheap stuff you could get anywhere. So I was getting very frustrated. Steve went back to the apartment and I shortly followed. We had a snack and I went out again still hoping that I could find something. Part of the problem is that I didn’t really know where to go. Luckily I happened upon a jackpot where I shot my wad.

The woman in the store was super nice and spoke a good amount of English. I asked her to help me put some outfits together and I loved everything she brought over. It was tough, but I narrowed it down to a few items and went back to the apartment very happy and satisfied that I actually found something.

Later on that evening we went out for dinner, another restaurant that Orion made reservations for. Steve and I both wore our new clothing, looking sharp. The food was good – on a scale that would include all of our France meals I’d put it somewhere in the middle. This was the first place to offer creme brulee as dessert, so Steve and I ordered it. We were anxiously awaiting some yummy brulee to offset the bad, eggy brulee we had back home not too long ago. Unfortunately this was only half satisfying, I expected better.

Only a few days left 🙁

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