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I find it very difficult to blog on the weekend. I fully intended to write some things because I’m participating in 50-100-50, but I just couldn’t drag myself in front of WordPress to do it.

On Saturday I would have written about how nice my day was, despite the fact that I could feel a cold coming on. I went to brunch with some friends and afterward we went to a spa. The three of them got massages but I got a mani/pedi combo with 20 minutes of extra massage. It was so nice and relaxing. I don’t think my toe nails have ever looked this pretty before.

Later that night Steve and I were walking the dog which takes us past our favorite bar, Double Play. We usually go there for brunch on Saturday or Sunday. We obviously hadn’t gone that day. So we were walking by and our favorite bartender, Christopher, bangs on the window furiously, waving for us to come in (he always lets us bring Joe inside).

Apparently he was trying to get a hold of us for a week because he had some free passes to a cruise on the bay. They already expired, but he still needed to give us shit for not calling him back. He called our land line, which no one uses and explains why we didn’t call him back. So now he has our cell numbers in case any such freebies come along in the future.

At any rate, we ended up hanging out for two hours and then talked him into coming to dinner with us.

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