Writing From My Past

Here is some writing from my past (both my own and other authors). I found them all hand-written on notebook paper, saved for a later date. The later date is now. Listed in no particular order. – Enjoy!

If ever two people were meant to be united, then these are the two

Two minds that rhyme, beyond this pretentious planet that others walk upon
Clouds wondering above this world, softly touching, blending together time after time
The souls of two flowers, born and born again
Blossom in the warm sun
Gracefully grow old and weary
Side by side in the ancient forest
Filled with unicorns at play,
Fairies flying free,
And infinite drifting dreams

~ Nicole

Art is not painting and it’s not drawing – it’s “total effect.” It’s hitting people right between the eyes. ~ author unknown

The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person. ~Uri Putnan

500 years ago, I knew you. 500 years from now, I’ll still know you. ~ Nicole

A child’s mind is like a vast field of flowers,
Don’t poison it with prejudice and war,
You’ll soon find the flowers wilted and dying.
~ Nicole

You are a visionary

You started out not knowing much at all
But you processed everything that anyone ever shared with you
And you shared it back again
Until you discovered that what you know is different from anyone else in the world
You are a visionary
~ author unknown

Trouble is disguised as fun ~ Nicole

To write, or not to write
Mystical words and objects fill my head. Rainbows of color dancing round and round. Thoughts roaming in and out, here and there. Yet none of them fit together, none of them will meet. The desire is strong, but the subject is nowhere to be found. It eludes me, runs and hides. The need to put words on paper increasing, the search for reason slipping farther away. Where is it gone? How do you hunt, a cause for pen and paper? The blankness of white and blue lines, staring me down, laughing. Mocking fun, of the scrambles in my brain. Waiting, waiting not too patiently, for letters of ink to flow consistently. Painting pictures in the eyes of the reader. But I just can’t think of what to say. ~ Nicole

In a world of hatred
Violence, ignorance breeded into life
Expect to create a life?
To look upon mistakes day after day
Where we destroy what should be
Killing all innocent
Cannot flee for lack of legs
Creation from two may unite

The unity would suffocate
Fix this star of water and land
Then unity will fall into place
~ Nicole

Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know
~ John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn

In this moment, the twinkling of dust falls and rises all around me. Shines with power, larger than a sky, to do what cannot be done. The moon looks curiously through stealth violet clouds, her shy little friends winking here and there. Trees of pink and red grow tall, shedding sweet berries to tempt hunger of all. A fiery lake of blue and purple flames dancing with the anxious wind. Fairy friends dart here and there with swiftness and agility. No more the size of a rose. They tickle with sound to make a smile, on a face that carries a frown. I ask them, “por favor, de yo tomas esta amor!”
~ Nicole

a fairy came to me last night. She spoke softly, so no one else would hear – her secrets of love and magic. She said she watches over me, knows my every thought and the love in my heart. Told me it was real. Warned me, not to give this love to the wrong person, not to let it be mistaken or abused. But the one person I do choose – I must give all I’ve got to give, or the magic in love won’t exist. She know I chose you. After she explained all this, she gave me a kiss and said goodnight with a smile, left me with an image of happiness – you and me.
~ Nicole

What is love. Do I have love. Have I ever really loved. Does he love me. Can love really last forever. Is it really supposed to. Who says so. Who makes up these rules – right + wrong. Why can’t it be forever. Must you have maturity to love. Does ego get in the way. Can you change your mind in a second. Can you love more than one person. Does he love me. Is it possible. Do I only feel infatuation. Is it just a pretty face. Is there a real person in there. Or is it all a show. Is the real person likeable – or a jerk. A jerk. But can I really know. I’ll never find out. His wall is tall and strong, and I’ll never get in. I need a battering ram of words. What would they be. Do those words exist. Could it last forever. No. I’ll go to college. He’ll go somewhere else. So why bother. What’s the point. We’ll part in a year anyway. But what if we wouldn’t. does he know all this. Does he know how I feel. He doesn’t know what I think. I’d like to just talk, but he doesn’t ever want to. Get into some deep thought with him. Is that possible. Can I share all these feelings. Can he handle them. Does he know – I could spend forever with him. Could he spend forever with me. Sometimes it seems like it. Sometimes he seems not to care – the next day he could brake up with me. Not a second thought. Is this all true. Am I on the right track. Is he still afraid to love, because we’d part within’ a year. Does he still wish to run away from these problems. Does he still love her. Do words go in one ear and out the other. Should I find new love. Or sit in wonder. But why bother, why bother with anything. What’s the point of life. Whatever you, yourself, make it right? Well, don’t make that point a person. It’s something you can’t control – something with a mind – that could change so easily. Beyond your control. I’m so confused. I have lost something – living for the day. I lost sight of what’s most important – my future. I must regain control, yet still have thoughts of him. But how. Inspiration – motivation. That is what I have lost. Now I found it, but what exactly was it? Was it my last love. No, please no. not possible. Could it be. How. I need help. I must be going crazy. Sure do feel like it. Get a grasp. How. Someone help me. Please. What do I do. Take a long vacation. Go to the Bahamas. Ha. Yeah right. Need a brain vacation. Think too much. Sick of thinking. How do you stop. Is it possible. Possibilities – so many. Are there? Yes.
~ Nicole

It’s not a wall – it’s a shell. I can’t break in, I could harm what’s inside. He has to break out, to me. ~ Nicole

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