Back from Texas

Sea Shells

I just got back from another trip to Texas, my half-brother Ricky got married in Galveston. My dad rented a beach house there for two nights. While there I found a much better way of collecting sea shells – here they are in my Flickr photoset. The water was very strange, on Friday there were no waves in the Gulf, it was super calm. Dad’s friend Donnie said he had never seen it so flat. Saturday it picked up some and by Sunday morning it sounded nice and soothing.

The wedding was nice, about 250 people. The ceremony was short and the reception followed right after. It was in this oversized, enclosed gazebo – quite beautiful. The bride’s father gave a kick-ass speech (apparently he does it for a living). And, my favorite part, desert was fabulous. Fondue and butterscotch flavored cake – yum.

While we were gone I boarded Joe with my new vet. He was extremely happy to see Steve and I. He ran around the house like a crazy man and then slept the rest of the evening. He was probably exhausted from the stress of worrying about us. Everyone there had to say goodbye to Joe because they all fell in love with him.

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