Barcelona, Day 9

(Sunday, May 20th)

Steve, Orion, Rebecca, Chris, Brian and I all went to lunch. Then we headed off to Park Güell. From the top you can see all of Barcelona, it was breathtaking! The park also had some Goudi sculptures sprinkled throughout and he made the two gingerbread houses that stand at the front.

Sagrada Familia is in the center, towering over its surroundings More pictures

It started to rain so we went back to the apartment and napped. It was siesta time anyway, when in Rome (or Barcelona)!

A large group of us went to dinner. The place was packed and had a 50 minute wait so Steve, Allen, Brian and I split from the group to have a quicker dinner nearby. We found a place that sat us immediately and the food was fantastic. The best paella we had during the whole trip!

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