Girona, Day 2

(Sunday, May 13th)

This day was slated for the Dali museum and a trip to the market.

More pictures

I was in the first group that went to the Dali museum. It was packed because it was Sunday and I was really trying not to complain about it, but man, people are annoying in that scenario! The choices they make about getting out of the way baffle me, because they inevitably end up more IN the way. I was a little disappointed by the lack of paintings, but it makes sense because they live all over the world. (If you really want to see some Dali you should go to St Petersburg, FL.) The museum was neat though because it was art itself. And it had a lot of installations, sketches and studies.

When we got back to the castle Steve and I took a nap. I expected it to be about an hour, but it was more like four! When we woke up dinner was being made and everyone else was relaxing. Dinner was spaghetti and it was delicious — as always when Orion cooks.

It was a pretty leisurely day and night.

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