Girona, Day 6

(Thursday, May 17th)

A free for all day. One group went to France for wine tasting. Another group went to a different area of France to hang out and have lunch. And a third group chose to sleep in.

I was part of the group that slept in. Once we finally woke up and ate some leftovers for breakfast I went to the medieval town of Besalu with Rebecca and Alex. We walked around and discovered a chair theme. Rebecca climbed up onto a tall one. Turns out that the city did an artist exchange with some Italian artists. The store clerk who told me about it seemed disappointed with what they got when she described it.

More pictures

I just love all these old towns. You can barely fit cars through them, but the locals make it through anyway. They feel so different!

That night the gang made dinner again — beef stew and some other dishes. I wish I was eating that stew right now.

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