Joe… Pooping

I just found a very funny group on Flickr – Dogs Are Funny Looking When They Poo. This picture I took of Joe is a great addition to the group. I admit that I’m a strange bug for taking it, but isn’t is so damn funny? Check out the group for a good laugh!

On a side note, Steve and I planted some tomatoes over the weekend and have been battling the damn snails in our yard. We’re taking several measures to hopefully eliminate them or at least prevent them from eating our tomato plants. One is to water in the morning as opposed to at night. Another is to use copper. Apparently snails do not like copper (we did a little test with a snail and found that they move as fast as possible to get off of the copper). So we made these little copper fences around the plants and they seem to be working very well.

The third method, which is why I brought this up, is to half bury some cans or jars and fill them with beer, propping the lid up over top to prevent rain contamination. The snails love beer, will go for it, fall in and drown. The downside is that Joe has also discovered the beer – and loves it. Last night when I let him in he smelled a little funky and upon inspection we found that he drank most of the beer outside! We may have created a canine alcoholic. *sigh* If it’s not one thing it’s another!

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