Monday – More Exploring

We were supposed to go to the beach in the morning (another term we use to refer to the afternoon) but it was cloudy and not quite warm enough. So instead we wandered around Old Nice again. We intended to get oysters and champagne, but the place we were looking for was closed.

We ended up at Beefbar. The waiter wasn’t very friendly. He gave us menus, we decided what we wanted and when he came back to get our orders he said we couldn’t order off those menus – just the lunch menus. I don’t think he told us this, though he may have in French. I was slightly ticked off.

Then we wandered around the antique show in the center of town. There was a lot of junk just like any other collection of antiques, but some of it looked older. The furniture for example seemed very old, but I’m no expert.

We went back to the biscuit place again and got more delicious cookies. We also stopped at a boucherie for Orion to prepare a yummy meal. Got some fruits and veggies from another stand. I saw a woman walking around with her cat and learned that it’s a pretty common thing.

We stopped for sodas at a corner cafe. A little dog came up and was sitting patiently looking down the street as if waiting for some one or some thing. The attendant came out and I asked if it was his dog, he said it belonged to the owner of the cafe. There are two dogs and they go out walking together, the other hasn’t returned yet. How cool / cute is that? They just, go off for a walk now and then. I bet all the surrounding shops know them.

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