My Dog Almost Died Last Night

Joe Soaking Up Sun

Our gardeners left a box of snail killer on the back steps last week. The box was closed and seemed to go unnoticed by Joe, so we left it there thinking they would pick it up when they came back. Well they were back yesterday and they did not pick it up.

Last night around 11:00 I let Joe outside. When I let him back in I noticed the box of snail killer on the ground with the opening “chewed” open even more. Joe was standing pretty close to the box and I just knew he had eaten some. I grabbed the box and looked for the emergency phone number. The customer service rep asked for the active ingredient on the box and when told metaldehyde he instructed me to take Joe to the emergency vet immediately.

I wasn’t sure if Joe had really eaten it or not – I didn’t see him do it – but I wasn’t going to take the chance. Whatever outrageous fee the vet was going to charge me was worth my dogs life (emergency vets always seem to be so overpriced).

When we arrived they calmly took Joe in back and made him puke. They found several pellets in the vomit. We were lucky to catch it so soon, he hadn’t digested any of the poison. If I hadn’t caught him near the box and the vet hadn’t gotten the poison out he most certainly would have died.

They gave him some charcoal to catch anything that might have been left behind and then we headed home to watch Joe closely the rest of the night for shaking or more vomiting. The outrageous fee I was expecting turned out to be only $210, not bad at all.

The veterinary assistant said Joe was their best patient, so calm and well behaved. Everyone always comments on how good he is. I would miss my good doggy so much if anything happened to him. I’m so glad I caught it and took him in. Phew!

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2 Responses to My Dog Almost Died Last Night

  1. kimc says:

    poor old Joe, glad he is okay!

  2. I know i'm dead says:

    Im glad that joe is still alive..unlike me

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