My Motorcycle

I still can’t believe I bought a motorcycle.

Since I bought it, I keep thinking to myself, in disbelief, “holy crap, I bought a motorcycle!”. It’s so exciting and so scary, so crazy and impulsive. I love it!

Tonight I actually rode it for the first time. It was a simple ride – once I figured out how to get going on it. I had a bit of trouble getting taking off – I didn’t quite have it in first gear, which I didn’t realize and was ready to give up. Luckily and unluckily (because it was slightly embarrassing) my new neighbor was hanging around outside. I had explained to him and his friends before I began, that this was my first bike and my first time ever riding it. They were nice, and encouraging.

After I finally figured out how first gear feels, and how to get it moving I went back and forth in front of my apartment for a while. I tried to go around the complex, but there’s a small hill with a stop sign that kept interfering. I gave up on that and kept going in front of my apartment, shifting back and forth between first and second gear. When I was finally comfortable with that I tried the hill again and made it! So I circled the complex twice and parked it for the night. I can�t wait to take it out again!

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