Reunited At Last

As I came up the hill and around the turn to the front of my apartment complex, there she was – my car – sitting on the top tier of an auto carrier. I was immediately filled with excitement and pleasure. I raced the crappy Kia Rio into my parking space, tearing over numerous speed bumps without a care. I barely put it in park, turned it off and began running down the driveway to hug and embrace my precious Ford Focus, as the driver had already taken it off the truck. He smiled at my silliness and empathized when I told him how long we had been apart. I checked her over really well and she seemed to be in good condition. I paid him and sat in my soft, comfy seat to drive my beloved automobile into the complex. Ah, how I truly missed the sound of her, the smell of her, and her take-me-to-a-race-track-please power.

I had was so happy to see her. I had to take her somewhere, so Joe and I drove her up to the store to buy a garden hose in order to give her a much needed bath. On the way back from the store it was so nice to climb that hill out front with ease, unlike the Rio which seemed to just barely make it every time.

Later that night I returned the crappy little Rio back to the airport. I couldn�t return it in Hayward because there would be a drop off fee of $75, and I felt that I had already spent way too much money on that friggin thing.

So in addition to all the trouble and hassle this car fiasco has caused me, the grand total for my additional 3 weeks (I had to sign a new contract after the first 4 weeks) was a little higher than I bargained for – $882. Why so high? Well that�s because the jerk-off who renewed me decided to put me down for full coverage. I explained that I didn�t get the coverage the first time around, so why would I get it the second time around? And the nice gentlemen kindly removed the extra fee from my bill, bringing it down to a much nicer total of $322.

Altogether I spent over $700 on that blue piece of crap. Needless to say, I am SO glad that�s finally over.

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