Snow Boarding

Vibrant Dusk Steve and I went up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing and snowboarding this past weekend. Steve skis and I’ve never done either, so I decided to take snowboarding lessons. I was doing alright for most of the lesson until one of my last attempts. I was facing up the hill trying to stop, when I unintentionally stood up too straight, which caused me to fall backwards down the hill. First I hit my ass very hard, then I hit my head just as hard. Later on I discovered a huge bruise on my butt.

I didn’t try again the next day fearing that if I fell on my butt, hands or knees one more time I’d just fall apart. Steve did well both days and said that the snow was great.

On our way back to the hotel Saturday night the moon was out and looking awesome above the mountains. I took a few pictures of it, but it’s never quite as nice as in person.

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