Wednesday – The Beach and Eze

After sleeping for about 12 hour or so, I was awoken at 10:00am to get ready for the beach. We walked over and looked at several of the private beaches because we wanted chairs, umbrellas and a couple more towels. We finally settled on Plage Opera. The water was it’s usual amazing blue and turquoise and no where near as warm as I would’ve liked. I had to force myself in and bear it for a while to get used to it.

We went back to the apartment and cleaned up, then headed out to Eze, a small town with a medieval village about a half an hour east of Nice. It was fairly easy to find, though getting out of our parking garage and heading the right way took a while.

Eze was gorgeous, piled up and around some hills. The medieval village was much bigger than Trigance and had a lot more little shops. At the top was an exotic garden – Jardin Exotique. The views from the garden were spectacular.

By this time it was 7:00 and the village was closing up. So we continued east a bit to a restaurant that was recommended to us by Mario. The food was really good and not at all expensive. I have to say it was the best salmon I’ve ever had and everyone agreed my dish was the best. I was shocked to see that a woman brought her dog into the restaurant. The French seem to be much more pet friendly. Though it wasn’t so cool when she put him in her lap.

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