365 Days – the book!

of Self Portraits
By Nicole Hanusek

I finally finished the task of turning my 365 days of self portraits into a photo book. After looking at several book publishing sites that print on demand, I ended up going with Blurb. You have to download their software, but it was worth it. The app allowed me to connect to my Flickr account and the photos on my computer. The templates were easy to work with too. I could easily create my own and edit individual templates. And in the end they don’t charge a buttload for a finished book full of color photos. If you’re trying to make your own book, I would recommend trying out Blurb.

Oh yeah, and take a look at the book I made! It was fun to go through each day from a whole year. I only got sick twice, went on two wine vacations and two trips to different countries (Italy and Japan). What a fun and exciting year that was!

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